Yo Maps – Try Again Album

Highly acclaimed Zambian singer, songwriter and record producer Yo Maps has unveiled his stunning second studio album “Try Again”. Enriched with two bonus tracks, this 20-track compilation showcases the artist’s versatility and international appeal.After the success of his debut album “Commando”, Yo Maps is making waves in the music industry with “Try Again” The album is not only a testament to his skills but five distinguished international artists Also featured are: Eddie Kenzo, Eli Njuchi, Jah Prayjah, Berita and NSG The album’s diversity is reflected in its many collaborations, which blend Zambian talent with international artistes. From Grammy-nominated Ugandan singer Eddie Kenzo to Zimbabwe-born Berita, this album bridges boundaries and unites artists from different parts of the continent

The inclusion of Eli Njuchi from Malawi, Jah Prayzah from Zimbabwe, and the British afroswing collective NSG further adds a global dimension to “Try Again.” This strategic collaboration not only elevates the album but also solidifies Yo Maps as an international personality in the music industry.

The two bonus tracks, “Fatima Remix” and “Aweah Remix,” both self-produced by Maps, demonstrate his prowess not just as a vocalist but also as a skilled record producer. These additions contribute to the richness of the album, offering fans a little extra to savor.

The tracklist is a vibrant mix of solo performances and collaborative efforts with other prominent Zambian artists. Songs like “Kale Wemunandi,” “Am Proud Of You” featuring Wezi, and “Charlie” showcase Yo Maps’s ability to craft compelling solo pieces. Collaborations with T-Sean on “Samson,” Mampi and Joel on “Bapele,” and Petersen on “Pressure” highlight the synergy between Yo Maps and his fellow Zambian artists.

The international collaborations stand out as key highlights, with tracks like “Mimba” featuring JK and Eddy Kenzo, “Boma” featuring Jah Prayzah, and “Fatima” featuring Berita. Each of these tracks brings a unique flavor, blending different musical styles and cultural influences.

The thematic variety in the album is notable, addressing topics from love and pride to societal pressure and personal growth. Tracks like “Ambuye,” “Don’t Stress Me,” and “Move On” showcase Yo Maps’s ability to convey meaningful messages through his music.

In a digital age where music is easily accessible, the album’s downloadability in zip format ensures that fans can enjoy the full “try again” experience. This accessibility and inclusion of various songs in the Westside Music Blog extends the reach beyond the Yo Maps song “Try Again” is not just an album; It’s a musical journey beyond geographical boundaries. Yo Maps’ collaborations with local and international artists reflect his commitment to creating music that touches the globe. As fans immerse themselves in the sounds of this album, Yo Maps continues to shine as a beacon of excellent Zambian music on the international stage.

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