‘Will anyone stop these eco clowns?’

A round-up of the headlines from the UK front pages

The Daily Mail leads with two contentious protests that occurred yesterday, questioning whether anyone will put an end to these “eco clowns.” At the Chelsea Flower Show, Just Stop Oil campaigners scattered orange powder over one of the gardens, while Activist group Animal Rising made off with three lambs from King’s Sandringham estate.

The Daily Mirror reports on new figures revealing that net migration to the UK hit a record high in 2022, standing at 606,000. The paper notes that MPs have criticised the government for cultivating a “climate of intolerance amid utter incompetence”.

Inflation has remained high, according to data published this week and reported by The Telegraph, which claims that this has thrown bond markets into chaos and pushed Britain’s borrowing costs to the highest in the G7 since the 2007 crash.

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