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Starjon icho ft Yo Maps Ukakula lisa Mp3

The reigning favorite rapper of the Copperbelt region has delighted fans with an unexpected surprise. Collaborating with the immensely talented singer, Yo Maps, the rapper has dropped a scintillating new track titled “Ukakula Lisa.” The song is making waves, capturing hearts with its infectious beats and captivating lyrics. This melodious collaboration showcases the prowess of both artists, their synergy evident in every note.

Behind the scenes, the magic was woven by the skilled hands of DJ Mzengaman, a renowned producer whose musical expertise is palpable in every beat. “Ukakula Lisa” is a testament to the creative energy thriving within the Zambian music scene.

As the song gains momentum, fans are embracing it wholeheartedly, turning it into an anthem for good times. With this remarkable collaboration, music enthusiasts can’t help but hit the repeat button, savoring the euphonic blend that “Ukakula Lisa” brings to their playlists.

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