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Starjon Icho ft Aki na popo & 4 na 5–Napala Banani (Remix) MP3 Download

Starjon Icho is a talented musician from Zambia who recently collaborated with Aki na Popo and 4 na 5 to create the hit song Napala Banani. The song has quickly gained popularity, thanks to its catchy beats and amazing vocals.

Unfortunately, since the release of Napala Banani, Aki na Popo has passed away, leaving his fans devastated.

Despite the tragic loss, Starjon Icho, 4 na 5, and Aki na Popo’s fans will always cherish the song Napala Banani and remember Aki’s contribution to making it a hit. Rest in peace, Aki . Your contribution to the entertainment industry will always be remembered.

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