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Mr Rock ft Clov D-Lesa pantanshi

In our journey, we place paramount importance on seeking God’s approval above all else. This foundation stems from acknowledging the profound significance of Jesus’ sacrificial act on the cross. By internalizing this truth, we’re compelled to prioritize aligning our lives with the calling He has set before us. Our devotion to God precedes everything else; it’s a conscious choice to say “yes” to His divine plan.

This perspective holds true for Mr Rock, a promising young artist hailing from the town of Mufulira. In his latest creation, “Lesa pantanshi,” featuring the collaboration of Clov D, this ethos takes center stage. Gid’z, the producer behind the track, amplifies the message with his masterful production. The song serves as a testament to the value of keeping God as the focal point, both in our daily lives and in our creative expressions.

Through “Lesa pantanshi,” Mr Rock encapsulates the essence of prioritizing spirituality in a rapidly changing world. The track reminds us that seeking God’s presence and guidance is the ultimate path to fulfillment and purpose. As the melody resonates and the lyrics unfold, the listeners are invited to reflect on their own journey of placing God above all and embracing the divine direction that shapes our lives.

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